Intelligent and Secure Building Automation Systems

Optimal Controls AI can protect your building automation systems from cyberattacks while providing HVAC energy savings of up to 40% using advanced AI technology.

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Secure Cloud-Connected HVAC Controls

The Optimal Controls AI system utilizes proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence models to continuously optimize HVAC systems reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint while increasing comfort.

This cloud-connected system allows for real-time monitoring of thousands of data points, which means you get notified of abnormal conditions or if any equipment is operating inefficiently. With our online dashboard, you can check system status, view trends or use our advanced analytics to determine what equipment maintenance, upgrades or replacements should be made based on its predicted performance.


The Optimal Controls AI system provides several advantages over traditional controls systems. There are even several advantages over newer building automation systems such as improved energy saving through AI, improved decision making with advanced analytics and cybersecurity.

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Energy Savings

Machine Learning algorithms continuously adjust set points, schedules and equipment to ensure efficient operation of all HVAC equipment. Optimal Controls system has produced up to 40% savings in energy depending on building type and existing controls.

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Carbon Reduction

When natural gas and electricity consumption is reduced, deep reductions in carbon emissions can be achieved. Furthermore, when multiple heat sources are available, our system can maximize the use of low-carbon sources to minimize carbon emissions and taxes.

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Increased Comfort

At Optimal Controls, we believe with better control comes better comfort. With optimized setpoints and equipment operation, rooms stay right on setpoint without the constant cycle of overshooting (cooling or heating too much) and compensating. Plus, with intelligent alerts, you can be notified of equipment problems before your comfort is affected.

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Improved Decision Making

Optimal Controls AI system can help you make decisions by providing analytics on the reliability, runtime, energy consumption and efficiency of HVAC equipment. We also have new features coming soon to provide information on the predicted future reliability and efficiency of monitored HVAC equipment.

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There have been several reports of attacks on Building Automation Systems leaving residents without heat and access to their system. Our cybersecurity experts have developed a secure portal that prevents attacks on the Building Automation System while still allowing easy access to the user.

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Monitoring and Alerts

With Optimal Controls system, you get real-time alerts when equipment fails or a failure is predicted so the problem can be fixed before the occupants notice and energy use increases.

Energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions through our cloud-based optimization

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As an experienced controls contractor, Optimal Controls installs Building Automation Systems in both new and existing buildings. We can use our cloud-based system to modernize, optimize and secure your existing HVAC control system. Our system supports all building types from commercial to multi-residential.

We also specialize in complex and custom control solutions including solutions for:

Large complex high-rise buildings

To meet energy efficiency standards, today’s high-rise building mechanical systems are more complex. Our system scales perfectly to complex buildings with thousands of control points.

Schools and municipal buildings

Schools and municipal buildings often have existing city-wide building automation systems installed. Optimal Controls offers the installation of several different brands of BAS to meet the customers requirements and can integrate into existing systems.

Geothermal (ground-source) systems

Having completed many large ground-source projects, we are experienced not only in installing control systems for geothermal projects, but also optimizing them to ensure that carbon and energy savings are maximized, and the long-term reliability of the system is maintained.

Large integrated multi-residential communities

Large integrated communities often require custom controls solutions. Our software developers can implement any desired features such as central controls, custom portals, etc.

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