Whether you are looking for a cybersecure, machine learning enabled Building Automation System for your next project or looking at modernizing an older building with our platform, has you covered. installs, services and maintains Building Automation Systems and HVAC Controls in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and Niagara for all type of buildings.


With our “Built with” program, new construction projects can be built from the ground up with the sensors, wiring, and controllers needed to fully take advantage of today’s machine learning technology. With this program, energy consumption and equipment wear can be minimized from day 1 and all mechanical systems can be monitored from anywhere with our cloud-connected platform.

In addition to our “Built with” program, Optimal Controls provides the following building automation, controls and energy management services:

HVAC and Mechanical Control Systems
From full featured BAS/EMCS systems to standalone control systems
Gas Detection Systems
Including Parking Garage CO and NO2 detection, chiller refrigerant leak detection and room CO2 detection
Control wiring for HVAC & Mechanical Equipment
Including wiring of boilers, chillers, air handing units and makeup air units
Custom Software Solutions
Including integration with security, management and other platforms.


Optimal Controls specializes in “Modernizing” the building automation systems at all types of properties. Whether accessing your old BAS has become an issue or you are interested in the energy savings of our Advanced AI platform, the system brings many benefits including:

Modern, Intuitive Interface

A new view allowing you to see critical data on your entire facility in real time, all in a responsive app-like interface.

Integration with Most BAS Systems and Equipment

Our licensed integration technology allows our system to integrate most BAS systems. We support integration with Johnson Controls, Siemens, Alterton, Distech, Honeywell and many others. This means modernization can be as simple as installing our Cloud Connector.

Energy savings and Emission Reductions

Through optimized control of the mechanical equipment, setpoints and schedules, energy consumption and carbon emissions can be minimized. In field studies, our system has produced up to 40% savings in energy depending on building type and existing controls.


With today’s internet connected Building Automation Systems, cybersecurity is of the utmost importance to protect assets, buildings and the people in them. An audit performed by on Building Automation Systems installed in office, multi-residential and institutional buildings in the GTA revealed that 11 of 12 Building Automation Systems were vulnerable to attack with unpatched CVEs (publicly announced vulnerabilities). Our solution firewalls your vulnerable BAS and provides AI protection against suspicious access.

Energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions through our cloud-based optimization

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